Playing: "Scar" - Foxes

Somehow it's already nearly mid-June.  Time passes quickly and I don't know how to deal with it.

Last week I went back to work.  I told myself to take that first week back as a sign as to what to do and I had an oddly good week.  People were excited for my return, everyone was nice, and I didn't forget how to do my job while I was gone.

Sometime during the week I had dinner with Melissa in Hermosa Beach.  I found one of my favorite beers at the restaurant we went to.  It was my first alcoholic drink since April.

Yesterday I found Mike from Embassy Suites on Instagram.  I love Mikey.  He's one of the people who kept me sane during the whole James situation.  I miss hanging out with him.  Apparently he lives in Arizona now.

This morning there was a mass shooting in a gay club in Orlando.  The deadliest mass shooting in US history.

I need to clean my apartment.